In addition to her music, Sarah is passionate about dance, fire and flow-art, and other experimental performance art. While attending Emerson College, She co-founded an organization called Boston Flow with friend Cami Sofia-Aponte. This group now has over 1000 members and has raised funds for various philanthropic causes. The group was originally centered around hula-hooping but works to incorporate many different types of artists, musicians and performers. Sarah went to Burning Man in 2016 with Utah Fire Tribe and performed fire dance in the Great Circle for over 30,000 people. She has since founded a go-go/flow group called the DREAMWEAVERS. This group utilizes shadow screens, LED lights, and projections and features local dancers and flow artists.

"Moving my body with sound has helped me to develop my artistry as a musician so much. Playing with fire has given me the courage to fall into the art I'm creating and forget about everything else. I never thought I could be brave enough to hold fire, yet there I was doing it - and that feeling of fearlessness and strength carried over into everything I did. In general, the art and ritual of of dance has taught me as much about music as it has about moving my body - the two are one in the same - there is no separation between music and dance when you are doing them from the place of soul, the authentic self - there in your heart, it is all the same thing - pure essence , nature, the greatness of the universe is passing through your body and into sound waves, you become a vessel." - Sarah Little Drum