June 20th  Year of The Dog Album Coming Soon!

By August 2019, Year of the Dog will release their first single, "River Far From Home" off the forthcoming debut-album. The song will be available  on Spotify , iTunes, and Sound-Cloud. Currently, YoTD is filming an artistic and low-budget music video to be released in conjunction with the song on YouTube. The album is being recorded in their home-studio which they constructed themselves over the past year. It is not known how many songs will be on the album or what it will be called, but much of the band's creative energy is spent in the studio experimenting with new sounds while also fine tuning some of their favorites songs all in the hopes of capturing the sound of authentic musical creation.



June 15th

Kip and co podcast features The Backyard Revival.

TBR heads down to Orem for an interview and intimate live session. Check out the full epidode by clicking here.











June 2nd

TBR Completes First Mini-Tour to Colorado

The Backyard Revival ventures to neighboring-state, Colorado for their first time touring together. The band played The Laughing Goat in Boulder on Memorial Day, and even ventured outside for some spontaneous street-performing at the famous Pearl Street Mall beforehand. Then, TBR won the hearts of of an intimate gathering as they headlined a  sold-old Sofar show in Denver. (What is a Sofar show?). While in CO, TBR also had some time for fun as they explored the wildlife around The Red Rocks, the rolling mountains of the north, and even made an expedition to some legal dispensaries!